JR MEDIA INSTITUTE Run by Punjab Kesari Daily News Paper

Our Mission & Vision

J.R Media’s mission & vision is to continuously identify, assimilate and deliver on the latest techniques in the field of Media Education (Journalism & Mass Media Education) which is covering all areas in Print Media, Electronic Media and New Media. We commit ourselves to the participatory engagement of teachers, scholars, students and the civil society in innovative, creative and progressive programs aimed at enlightenment and emancipation at individual and societal levels.

  • ⦿ To innovative and specialize in offering the latest training methodologies using Production and Graphic Technologies
  • ⦿ To continuously anticipate and understand the Industry's needs expectations & problems and strive to turn those problems into opportunities for our students, thus ensuring competitive packages for them.
  • ⦿ To work towards education in New Media Technologies.
  • ⦿ To prepare bold and impartial journalists, who can fight against corruption and yellow journalism?
  • ⦿ To strive and promote equality and social justice and to reduce social and cultural differences through diffusion of education.
  • ⦿ To turn young students into good human beings who are mentally, technologically, intellectually and ethically aware of India's needs and aspirations, and work consistently to fulfill the Nation's vision of becoming a Leading Power.
  • ⦿ To provide opportunities of higher learning to underprivileged segments of the society.
  • ⦿ To provide need based education in various disciplines to large segments of population through Open and Distance learning mode as well as industrial training with the objective to reach the unreached.
  • ⦿ To provide continuing education to the employed, women, housewives and also to the business people.
  • ⦿ To achieve and sustain excellence in all programmes and activities.
  • ⦿ To facilitate the establishment of an Institution of Open and Distance Learning that is fully equipped and empowers its beneficiaries to carry forward the mission of generating scholarship which meets the twin tests of academic excellence and social relevance.